Pomeroy Basketball Court Resurfacing

5/2 Update

New Backboards on Saturday!

Just received confirmation that the new backboards will be installed this coming Saturday. We’re still working on setting a date for resurfacing later this month once the weather’s warm enough for paint to cure. Keep checking back here for more updates!

4/29 Update

This morning, on behalf of BPRW, our contractor went to Pomeroy Park to start replacing the basketball backboards and resurfacing the courts. Today, they will be working on placing the concrete footings and anchors for the new backboards, removing the existing backboards, and pressure washing the surface of the courts.

Hole’s ready for concrete to support the new backboards.
The old basketball hoops will come down later today (4/26)!

Courts Closed next Week

With the cool-wet weather forecasted, we expect to keep the courts closed through next week so the concrete can fully cure. We’re expecting the new backboards to go up the week of May 6th and are confirming the installation date with the contractor. We also expect there will be a shorter 2-3 day closure once the crack filler and new paint are applied. We’ll post an update here and place some temporary signs on site to let you know once we have a firm schedule.

Here’s a sample picture of one of the new backboards!

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