New Parking Kiosks in Oakledge Park

Everything you need to know about the parking kiosks at Oakledge


What is the new rate?

Oakledge Park will now be on an hourly rate, $2 per hour.


What are the hours?

Monday – Saturday, 8am – 8pm

Sunday 8am – 6pm


What passes are honored?

All the same! Green Mountain Pass, our Parks Pass and as always, a displayed handicap placard.


What if a group wants to tally and pay after?

We offer daily group passes. Please call or stop by our Pine Street office 864-0123.


Will there be anyone working at Oakledge?

Yes! Gabe, our Parking Seasonal Supervisor, will still be based out of Oakledge, 5 days a week. He is there to sell season passes and assist users to our new kiosk system. And as always, our Park Attendants are at Oakledge to assist with shelter rentals and landscape the park.


Can you pay by credit card?

Yes. The kiosks accept cash and credit, just no coins.