New Library Kiosks at Community Gardens

The newest installation for our community gardens are the library kiosks. Meredith LeCompte, designed the project, and with a grant from BCA she was able to get underway with the task. The finished product includes six libraries at six different community gardens around Burlington’s north end.

Marc Leone from Sterling Hardwoods built each of the structures and as of July 9th, they are open! Each of the libraries are filled with books, ranging in topics from nutrition and recipes, to gardening techniques. Feel free to read them while you are there or even take one home as needed!

As part of the project, Meredith sought out 6 local artists to design each of the libraries. Now, each stack of books has a safe home that is as unique and beautiful, as it is dry.

“The goal is to provide creative and accessible locations for the people in the community to gain free access to books with garden building skills and resources as well as cook-books and nutritional guides” Meredith says.

The locations at where these libraries are and the artist that designed them is as follows:

  1. Avant Garden – Brook Martenis
  2. Lakeview Community Garden – Ashley Stagner
  3. Archebald Community Garden – Jackie Bishop
  4. Tommy Thompson Community Garden – Jake Blend
  5. Riverside Community Garden – Jennifer Blair
  6. Integrated Arts Academy – Justin Hoekstra (this one is not installed yet but will be by the start of the school year)