Leddy Soil Pile Removal Begins

Staging for the removal & disposal of the soil stockpile in the Leddy Arena parking lot began on Friday, December 11th. Contractors will be installing fencing and mobilizing equipment in preparation for loading and hauling of the material beginning Tuesday, December 15th, 2015. BPRW has worked extensively with our contractor (ENPRO), our soils consultant (The Johnson Company, Inc./JCO) and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC), with direction from the Mayor’s office and City Council to complete this project in the most cost-effective, efficient and safe manner possible. Barring weather conditions, the anticipated project schedule is as follows:

  • 12/11: Staging and securing of project site.
  • 12/14: Equipment delivered to site, de‐contamination pad installed.
  • 12/15: JCO begins project oversight, installs dust monitoring equipment, etc. From this point through final cleanup, JCO will be on site. ENPRO begins loading and hauling soil.
  • 12/24: Anticipated project completion date. ENPRO has allotted 10 weekdays to complete the project, contingent upon no lost time due to weather, etc. In the event that the project extends beyond this duration, they will not work on 12/25 or 1/1. The project will be fully completed in early January.

JCO will ensure that ENPRO follows the soil management plan, available here: 20151210 Enpro Soil Management Plan Package and actively engage with ENPRO in adapting to changing weather and site conditions. JCO will also provide daily reports to BPRW by noon the following day and submit a draft closure report to BPRW within 10 days after receiving all disposal documentation from ENPRO. Finally, JCO will submit a final closure report to VT DEC and EPA within 15 days after receiving all disposal documentation from ENPRO.

Project details are on