Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights

Let’s spread the cheer this year (and not coronavirus) by making our City a bright and beautiful place for the holidays!

Burlington residents, if you love decorating your home with holiday lights, sign up to participate in our 2nd annual Holiday Lights Contest.

We will have prizes for the winners of three categories: Classic, Colorful and Creative. If you live in an apartment, duplex, etc., you can also submit your home as long as we can see your decorations from the nearest street.

Sponsored by Burlington Electric Department, so there are bonus points to making your holiday display energy efficient! Thanks to our event partner, Burlington City Arts for supporting us.

The deadline to enter Friday, December 11, 2020. 

We’re gathering a group of judges to select winners. The top home in each category will win a prize, and receive a sign to post in your front yard stating that you’re the year’s winner! Winners will be announced on Monday, December 22. Participation in the lights contest is free!

And the Winners are…

Colorful – 26 Dewey Drive

Creative – 247/257 Van Patten

Classic – 136 North Union St

Thanks to everyone that entered the contest. Below is an interactive map, so you can take your own tour!

Descriptions are below.

Locations and Descriptions

Location: 136 N Union Street

Theme: Inspired by scandinavian Christmas and the Danish tradition of Hygge (the feeling of comfort and coziness in the dark northern winters) our lights this year embody the spirit of lighting up the night with a soft but bright glow and natural touches. Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is used to acknowledge a special feeling or moment. Either embraced alone, with your family or friends. Either extraordinary or ordinary, it is always cozy, special and charming. We think our classical Christmas lights are extraordinary and we hope our whole community can come enjoy (with mask and 6ft please) as we (together with our household) light up the cold winter night this year.  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

How They’re Saving Energy: Our lights are LED lights. And our window candles turn on and off with solar energy!


Location: 41 Hayward St

Theme: Christmas at the beach 🌴

How They’re Saving Energy:


Location: 92 Home Avenue

Theme: A message of hope for a new year.

How They’re Saving Energy: Using new GE EnergySmart LED lights on an automatic timer that goes on at sunset and off at midnight.


Location: 13 Poplar Street

Theme: Holiday lighting is my favorite part of this season. I love the lights, they are so inspiring. My decorations follow the contour of our home and light the windows for all to enjoy. The aim is to include a bunch of color! To be joyful! To delight! We are the only family on the street with kids….my hope is to have fun with my children (who are aware and tolerant of Mommies focus on holiday lights!)  and to entertain  the neighborhood….wishing for hope this season and good memories as time goes on!

How They’re Saving Energy: My display is mixed. Some of the lights are newer LED lights. Some are older lights that I found at Resource in Burlington and Williston. The lights I found at Resource are great! They have lots of life in them and do not belong in the landfill. We aim to conserve energy by only keeping the lights on from 4 to 8 ish. No need to keep them on over night!


Location: 247 & 257 Van Patten Parkway!

Theme: When you wish upon a star! Sparkling shooting stars cover 3/4 if an acre at the bottom of Van Patten hill.

How They’re Saving Energy: All the stars were made from repurposed materials, the lights are LED and almost all are powered from a solar powered house that is a net neutral electricity consumer (257 Van Patten)


Location: 81 Brook Dr

Theme: An Inflatable Frosty greets everyone who goes past our house, & we have a sign reminding Santa to stop here! Glowing candy cane’s & little Santa’s line the walkway to our front door. We have multi-color lights on our bushes & icicle lights framing our front door & going down handrails, as well as over our garage.

How They’re Saving Energy: All of the decorations & lights in our side garden, which is closest to the sidewalk & path are solar powered.


Location: 200 Lake St

Theme: lots of lights, candy canes, giant wooden Santa from Thailand, bulbs, tree in window…

How They’re Saving Energy: They’re all LEDs!


Location: 43 Drew St.

Theme: white lights and star on large pine tree

How They’re Saving Energy: We used LED lights on the pine tree and on the porch. The lights are also on timers, so they only come on at night for a set number of hours.


Location: 901 North Ave

How They’re Saving Energy: All LED lights set to timers.


Location: 909 North Ave

Theme: Simple white icicles and colored fence swag.

How They’re Saving Energy: LED color fence lights. Working on transitioning to LED icicles. Battery powered wreath.


Location: 79 Sandy Lane

Theme: Lights and airblown decorations

How They’re Saving Energy: Led lights


Location: 11 Ward St

Theme: Our historic gable roof house has traditional large multi color bulbs tracing the house’s facade and side. We have candles in the front windows and a large lit up wreath between the second story windows.

How They’re Saving Energy: We bought all LED lights!


Location: 182 Shelburne Rd

Theme: Garland with white lights on a 1920s porch


Location: 12 Decatur Street

Theme: White lights in porch

How They’re Saving Energy:


Location: 69 Saratoga Ave

Theme: Creative light display using rope lights and colored spot lights amongst evergreens


Location: 19 Morgan St

Theme: I have a very colorful light show with many homemade up cycling pieces.

How They’re Saving Energy: My lights are all LED energy saving. The lights are connected to timer outlets, which turn off after 10:30 pm


Location: 30 South Crest Dr

Theme: Classic but yet colorful, a candy cane tree, gum drop roof and cheery wreath.  Subtle accents with wall swag and small old fashioned sled.

How They’re Saving Energy: Led lights 100%!


Location: 26 Dewey Dr

Theme: We’ve been adding to our collection of holiday lights a little every year, the more colorful the better. I’ve run out of space on my property to decorate so my generous neighbors on either side have allowed me to also decorate their trees.

How They’re Saving Energy: All of the lights were purchased in the last 5 years and the majority are LED. The lights are also on timers so they are only on 6 hours a day.


Bonus entry! Location: 16 Heatherbush Rd, Essex, VT

Theme: Light all around the house.

And when you’re in Essex, be sure to stop by the Maple Street Park holiday light show!



Q:  What is the prize that I have the potential to win?

A:  It’s a surprise, but you can be sure that it will be a gift full of holiday cheer.


Q:  Can I have some suggestions on how to make my holiday light display more energy efficient?

A:  LED lights always help conserve energy.  Other ways to be energy efficient- use branded rebates that not only save you money but also provide a guarantee on energy efficiency, limit the time your light display is lit, and use decorations that don’t need to be plugged in to an electrical outlet.

For more information, check out this website,