Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights

Burlington residents, do you love decorating your home and/or front yard with holiday lights?  If you live in an apartment, duplex, etc., you can submit your home as long as we can see your decorations from the nearest street.  Submit your home in our holiday lights contest! Sponsored by Burlington Electric Department.

Choose which category you would like to submit your entry: Classic, Colorful, or Creative.
The deadline was Monday, December 16. Thanks to everyone that entered!

On Friday, December 20, from 4:00pm – 7:00pm, a group of folks will go on a tour to judge all entries.  Be sure to have your lights turned on! The top home in each category will win a prize, and receive a sign to post in your front yard stating that you’re the year’s winner! Winners will be announced on Monday, December 23. Submission into the lights contest is free!


Q:  Who will be judging the homes on December 20th?

A:  Individuals over the age of 50 can register to go on the holiday lights tour with us. Folks that join us on the tour will be the voting group, and will use a predetermined points system. If you submit your home in the contest, you can still go on the tour to see all of the other homes, BUT you will be omitted from judging the homes.


Q:  What is the prize that I have the potential to win?

A:  It’s a surprise, but you can be sure that it will be a gift full of holiday cheer.


Q:  Can I have some suggestions on how to make my holiday light display more energy efficient?

A:  LED lights always help conserve energy.  Other ways to be energy efficient- use branded rebates that not only save you money but also provide a guarantee on energy efficiency, limit the time your light display is lit, and use decorations that don’t need to be plugged in to an electrical outlet.

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