Happy Groundhog Day

At this midway point between Winter and Spring, today is the day we all find out whether or not there will be more Winter, or if Spring is on its way.

We’re excited to introduce Murray the Groundhog, our newest BPRW member. He secretly took up residency in our Boathouse late this fall and has become adored by all that have met him. We’ve hooked him up with a little vest and logo pin to welcome him to the team.

Murray is a responsible BTV citizen and has embraced his traditional folkloric groundhog duties. So this morning, when his alarm clock went off at 9am, he donned his cozy green vest and emerged from his winter’s nap to stroll along the boardwalk to survey the seasonal weather situation.

Enjoying the view

And so, without further ado… did he, or did he not see his shadow?

It looks like he did not, and so it seems that Spring is on its way. Or is it already here?!

Murray doesn't see his shadow

With lots of hugs from other staffers and new-found friends, Murray went back to hunker down for the rest of Winter just in case Mother Nature decides to get her seasons straight.

 new friends

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for 6 more weeks of Winter. There’s still more skating to do on the outdoor rinks (when they’re frozen), and sled dog rides to take during our Brrrlington Winter Bash, and let’s not forget about the Wintervale events too!

Until next year #BTVmurray!