New Community Garden Program Model Underway

As community gardening enters it 48th year in Burlington, BACG is embarking on a pilot to explore a new program model – communal gardening.  Our existing model that is utilized across the 14 sites, will continue to be the framework for BACG, however we recognize that a diverse offering of program options will better suit the needs of our community, especially as we are faced with the need to adapt as our climate continues to shift and change.

For the 2020 season, we will be piloting a communal garden experience at Tommy Thompson.  At this site, there will be a dedicated space that will be programmed by 10-15 gardeners, gardening a space together as a group.   Stay tuned for more updates about this offering.  Perhaps you will want to be a member of this inaugural group or if you have specific questions, please reach out to Meghan O’Daniel,


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