Burlington Greenway: Phase 2 Bike Path Rehabilition

4/10 Update: Soil Sampling

As work continues on the Burlington Greenway Rehabilitation Project, the City is preparing to collect soil samples between North Beach Campground and the intersection with North Avenue Extension (just south of the Winooski River bridge). Work will be happening between Tuesday, April 11th and Friday April 14th. The path will remain open to the public for use during this time, though crews may narrow the travel-way to a single lane at times using orange traffic cones. Please be aware of this work and use extra caution in these areas while you enjoy the Burlington Greenway this week!

4/4 Update: Early Tree Work Begins

Beginning Wednesday morning, April 5, BPRW will take a small, ecologically sensitive step towards our goal of reconstructing the northern section of the Burlington Greenway from north of the North Beach underpass to the mouth of the Winooski River. Under the guidance of a VHB Environmental Scientist with expertise in avian and bat ecology we will be removing 14 potential (bat) roosting trees ahead of the beginning of the roosting season for the Northern Long-eared Bat. These trees have been identified as potential roosting trees based on physical characteristics such as size and bark texture. BPRW worked diligently with our engineers to reduce the number of trees to be removed (from 23 to 14). Removing them ahead of April 15 allows the bats to select alternate trees that will not be subject to construction impacts during their key maternity roosting  period.

In our ongoing efforts to create a greener Greenway and always leave more than we have taken, Phase 2 (not including pause places) will see the planting of 21 hardwood trees including maples, oaks and birches, 500+ woody shrubs and over 1300 perennials. Additionally, 6.5 acres of new grass berms and 1/3 acre of new green storm water treatment basins will reduce erosion, and reduce and filter the storm water runoff that reaches Lake Champlain. With the construction of several pause places at a later date, much more planting of trees, shrubs and perennials will be incorporated.

The rehabilitation of the northern portion of the Burlington Greenway will necessitate full closures with detours. BPRW works hard to minimize construction impacts, however, full closures will allow our contractor to efficiently complete work of the highest quality. Stay tuned for construction schedule and detailed detour information. Thanks for understanding the big picture!

3/23 Update: Preliminary Design Phase

This summer Phase 2 of the Bike Path rehabilitation will begin. Construction is planned to run from North Beach to the Winooski River Bridge. Designs will also include new pause places and intersections, storm water treatment, connectivity and vegetation management. Construction of the Pause Places will happen at later dates.  The City’s design team recently presented 75% drawings for the path itself (pause place designs will remain conceptual for now), and will oversee the bidding process in April, with construction slated to begin shortly thereafter. Updates will posted here regularly as the project advances.