Beaches are open early for the season!

Swimmers are getting a jump on summer fun.

Because of the mild winter, BPRW staff is able to open up swim areas extra early this year. The water temps are perfect right now, despite the lack of sunshine today.

New this year, driftwood has been transformed into a floating dock at Oakledge. Parks crew designed and crafted it using accumulated driftwood from the beaches. Each year during clean up, they ponder creative uses of the stacks of beautiful wood. The addition of a few styrofoam blocks for added buoyancy.. And voila! It will be anchored into deeper water this afternoon!


And the biggest, most exciting news is that North Beach has installed a giant inflatable water play structure! So when we say that kids are getting a JUMP on summer… we really mean it!


The new play structure was funded by an anonymous donor who claims his motivation is a desire to draw more people to our waterfront and enjoy the fun of water play. Director Jesse Bridges adds, “We’re so grateful for the passion and support of Burlingtonians toward our beaches. The more people we get involved, the more we can spread the word for a healthy lake ecosystem.”

Happy April Fools!