Street Banners & Poster Advertising

Street Banners & Poster Advertising

The city has maintained two locations to hang event banners in the city; one on Main Street and another on Shelburne Road. The program had previously been managed by Church Street Marketplace, but is now managed by BPRW.

The program complies with Vermont Billboard Law. Our event banners fall into the 10 VSA 494(9) exemption – two week event signs, which are allowed in town highway rights of way, which in the City is all streets including the state and US routes.

Signs to be maintained for not more than two weeks announcing an auction, or a campaign, drive, or event of a civic, philanthropic, or religious organization.”

The program is designed for city departments, local non-profits and event producers to promote local events, fundraisers and raise awareness for certain causes.

Banner requests are fulfilled in this order of priority:

  1. City Departments (i.e. Public Works, Parks & Recreation, City Arts, CEDO, Library, Marketplace, etc.) for their own events and activities.
  2. Those Burlington events that benefit non-profits and generate a substantial economic impact for the downtown, including Vermont City Marathon, Discover Jazz Festival, First Night Burlington, Mardi Gras Parade, and others.
  3. Burlington-based non-profits that both serve downtown and hold fundraising events that draw large attendance to downtown Burlington such as the Annual COTS Walk.  We also give priority to United Way of Chittenden County for its’ annual fall campaign, Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April).
  4. Organizations holding large conventions in Chittenden County benefiting the regional economy and for which a street banner will strengthen the long-term relationship with that organization.  The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce will help to determine impact to the region and the Church Street Marketplace Commission will make the final decision.
  5. Other non-profit organization requests.  Decisions are final and will be announced in December.

Organizations will be notified by email .
We DO NOT GUARANTEE banner hanging locations and dates based on previous years.

Cost to hang one banner is $500.00.

Applying for a banner with this form is an acknowledgement that you have read and understand the relevant information. You are responsible for proving signed waiver and certificate of insures prior to the the banner being displayed.

Apply for a time slot to display a banner in Burlington!


Banner & Poster Online Application

Form to request a Banner on Shelburne Road or Main Street or to Request a Poster on Battery Street
    Select the location you would like to place your banner/poster
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    Please provide us with as many options for banner hangings as possible for your event. More options increase your organization’s chances of securing a date. Banner hangings for Shelburne Road and Main St. occur on or about the 1st and the 15th of each month.
  • Posters at Westlake Condos on Battery Street

    We offer you a new opportunity to promote the City of Burlington as a destination with exciting events. The condos at Westlake on Battery Street have offered their front display windows for the city, local business and organizations to use as advertising space to promote Burlington's events and local businesses. The windows are near many of the City's best hotels, making it the ideal spot to get the attention of visitors and residents alike!

    The posters can hang for longer than our street banners. They can be displayed for one to two months.

    COST: $100
    BANNER SPECS: Live area 43” wide x 56” tall. Bleed area: 48” wide x 64” tall
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    Please let us know when you'd like your poster to be displayed for. Include beginning and end dates please.

You can also download the forms to print & mail/email:

Westlake Poster Request

Street Banner Specifications

Street Banner Liability Waiver

Specifications For Shelburne Road And Main Street Banners

If you receive approval for a banner hanging, please be sure you banner meets the specifications we require.
See the following page for a diagram. Banners will be rejected if specifications are not followed.  No exceptions

  1. Banner Material: Mesh is preferred due to its lighter weight and flexibility in extreme wind conditions. Canvas and heavy weight reinforced vinyl may be used but wind vents must be included so that the effective projected area does not exceed 32 square feet.  The vents allow heavy winds to pass through without exceeding the capabilities of the poles, guys and attachments.  No vents are required if the banner is made of mesh.
  2. Area: The effective projected area (or written area) will not exceed 32 square feet.  The banner must have outside dimensions of no more than 20 length by 3.5ft in height.  Smaller banners of no less than 15ft by 3 ft. may be used.
  3. Rope: BPRW requires a minimum 1/2” nylon or polypropylene to 7/16” nylon or polypropylene rope or a nonconductive material of equal strength.  A length of 80 feet at top and bottom of banner is required and it must be sewn into banner. Alternatively, the roped can be securely tied at each corner.
  4. Grommets: BPRW requires at least 6 grommets be installed at top of banner with hooks or clips in each grommet to be secured on guy wire.
  1. Delivery: Banner must be delivered no later than the 11th or 26th of the month.
    Banners MUST BE CLEARLY LABELED – including event, organization, date to hang and location.They can be delivered to Banner Arts, 311 Brown Hill West, Starksboro, VT 05487 Attention: Ann Brush, 802-373-1081 or
    OR to Barrett’s Tree Service, Inc. 376 Patchen Road So. Burlington, VT 05403. Please call ahead, 802-862-0302
  2. Pick up: The banners are not returned to the Banner Arts location until two weeks after their removal, they should be picked up there. Or coordinate with Barrett’s Tree Service. If a banner is not picked up, it will be disposed of.  Arrangements can be made with Banner Arts to store the banner.

NOTE: BPRW will hang two banners per month, on or about the first (1st) and on or about the fifteenth (15th), of each month at each of two designated locations, Main Street and Shelburne Road.  Banner hangings may vary depending on weather conditions and contractor equipment and staffing.  If the 1st or the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday the banner will be hung on the next working day.
BPRW reserves the right to refuse any banner that deviates from the above mentioned specifications

Battery Street Poster at Westlake Condos Specifications

The condos at Westlake on Battery Street have offered their front display windows for the city, local business and organizations to use as advertising space to promote Burlington’s events and local businesses.  The windows are near many of the City’s best hotels, making it the ideal spot to get the attention of visitors and residents alike! This co-op style advertising program is designed so that fees are set to cover production and installation costs.  The display will use a total of six windows.  One will be a welcome message, another will show the BBA map of Burlington, downtown area and parking locations, and another will feature the Flynn’s events with the remaining three available for this program.

The windows are located along Battery Street overlooking Lake Champlain and near many of the City’s best hotels, making it the ideal spot to get the attention of visitors and residents alike.  The posters can hang for longer than our street banners, lasting 1-2 months or longer.  We estimate that there will be 10-20 events shown per season.

$100 = Full Poster Display
(Please contact us to confirm availability and schedule!)

You must supply final high resolution artwork created to the specifications below.


Live area: 56″ H x 43″ W (inches)
Bleed area: 64 H x 48” W (inches)

Download the PDF template.