Arms Forest Survey

One year ago, a coalition was formed to protect the integrity of the ecology at Arms Forest and Rock Point. Members of the Rock Point and Arms Forest Coalition include: Burlington Parks Recreation and Waterfront, Burlington Conservation Board, Killarney Drive Inc., Fellowship of the Wheel, The Parks Foundation of Burlington, John and Jane Ewing, The Elks Club of Burlington, North Avenue Alliance Church, The Arms Family, The Lake Champlain Land Trust, The Episcopal Diocese, and Burlington Parks Recreation and Waterfront Commission.

The coalition is in the process of gathering scoping information about Arms Forest. This survey is one of the steps in this process. Other things underway in this scoping process are: a comprehensive Ecological Assessment, gathering of use data using trail counters, and a community meeting tentatively scheduled for later this fall.  All of the information gathered through these various methods will be used to inform trail and way finding design and implementation.  Our overall objective of this process is to increase protection of the valuable ecological attributes of the Arms Forest.

Please share your thoughts an opinions about Arms Forest.

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