Adult & Senior Programs

Adult & Senior Programs

Adult Programs

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Adult Social Skates

Adult skaters of all abilities are invited to join the fun at these Leddy Social Skates. Each session will begin with 45 minutes of professional instruction and will conclude with 45 minutes of open skating to music. A great time to catch up with friends, get some exercise and work on your skating skills.

New North End Yoga

Hatha Yoga will help you restore balance between body and mind while exercising every part of your body in a systematic way. Using stretches, postures, deep breathing and deep relaxation, you will experience release from both mental and physical tension while you become more limber and toned. This yoga class is beginner friendly. Instructor: Jennifer Green

Adult Karate

Japanese Shotokan Karate-do is a dynamic wellness activity geared to develop physical, spiritual and mental balance and provide lots of fun. Designed to develop the foundations of Karate training and provide a safe and fun environment for to explore your personal mind and body limits. Beginners and advance students are welcome. Practices on Wednesdays & Fridays from 6:00P-7:30P and on Saturdays from 11:00A-12:30P. The class is being taught by Jairo Blanco, Head Instructor for the Japan Karate Association of Vermont, and assistant Instructors Marcia Blanco and Jim Dirmaier. Participants will be required to purchase a uniform.

American Sign Language

Sign language can broaden your communication skills, stimulate your senses, and increase your ability to be expressive. Great for new students, those who may need a refresher or want to move on to the next level. Learn general finger spelling, vocabulary, signing. For more information on the appropriate class for you, please email the instructor

Basic Spanish

Come learn the basics of Spanish! In this course, you will gain the skills you need for basic survival Spanish. This includes subjects like the simple tenses, introductions and expressions, and basic components of grammar.
Level 2 covers more complex topics such as compound tenses, specialized vocabulary, and object pronouns. This course is ideal for anyone looking to strengthen their Spanish abilities and become a strong intermediate Spanish language learner. Instructor: Sam Carter

Women’s Self Defense (Levels 1 & 2)

Level 1- empowers women to have a practical, powerful and effective response to common attacks. Learn simple easy skills to keep you safe. Level 2- goes further to teach hands-on practice of stances, strikes, and evasive moves. Must take the Level 1 course before taking the Level 2 course.  Taught by the All-Women Safety Team.

Fantastic Fruity Facial

Kelley Robie, of Horsetail Herbs, will show you how to care for your special skin type with wonderful natural beauty products you can make yourself. You’ll make your own nutritious face care products all with a fruity flare and then indulge in a fabulous five-step facial. These recipes will brighten up your day and your face! You will be applying an Apple & Oat Cleanser, a Pineapple & Coconut Face Mask, a Papaya Toner and a Mango Moisturizer. Come in stressed and leave relaxed and glowing! Please bring a large towel, bowl and something to tie your hair back. This class is open to all!

Vermont Maple Madness

Discover the natural treasure of maple trees as frosty nights and mild days signal the start of the sugaring season! Come enjoy the sweetness of this special treat as we use maple syrup and maple sugar to make products just for you. For your sweet tooth we will make a Maple Chocolate “Bark” to nibble on. To calm the spring cold, we will make a Ginger Maple Cough Syrup and to sooth your skin for spring we will make Maple Sugar Body Polish. Come enjoy the maple bounty!! Instructor: Kelley Robbie from Horsetail Herbs.

Herbal Stress Less

Are you cranky, forgetful, anxious, unable to relax, having trouble sleeping? Do you find you have little or no time for inspiration, creativity, or self-care? If so this workshop is for you! Together, we’ll explore ways to handle stress effectively. You’ll learn some easy ways to cool stress right when it begins. Using a handful of herbs & essential oils that work specifically to calm, relax & fortify, you’ll create your own first rate “rescue kit”. You’ll formulate your own calming herbal tea, a de-stressing foot salt bath & a quick roll-on tension tamer. Kelley Robie, of Horsetail Herbs, will share other techniques for getting a sound sleep, nutrition tips & other helpful hints to make your life better.

Adult Skating Clinic

This exciting class is designed for the adult skater who is ready to learn more advanced skating skills. The class focuses on mastery and improvement of skating skills including turns, spins and jumps. Skaters not able to commit to all 10 classes may purchase punch cards at the rate of $125 for 5 classes or pay the walk-on fee of $30 per class.

Adult Team Tennis

Tennis professionals from Sports & Fitness Edge teach introductory skills of tennis, combined with instruction in doubles play and scoring. Tennis is an active game you can play for a lifetime.

Maven Adult Skate Workshop

Think that skateboarding is just for kids? Think again! Challenge yourself mentally and physically by learning how to skateboard and/or progressing in your skateboarding ability. We encourage communication, openness and perseverance while each athlete progresses to their next level. During this 6 week workshop participants will learn basic riding skills such as balance, pushing, turning, stopping, riding transitions, and dropping-in. Advanced skaters will have the opportunity to drop in on bigger obstacles/features, and learn more challenging tricks.

Healthy Living With Pain

This six-week program will help you enjoy a healthier life! Learn how to maximize your potential even when living with regular pain that may require you to alter your activities. Join two specially trained leaders, one of whom also lives with pain, in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Learn and practice new ways to manage your pain so that you can get on with living a satisfying fulfilling life. Topics covered include: Ways to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, isolation and poor sleep, communicating effectively with family, friends and health professionals, exercise for maintaining and improving strength, nutrition, appropriate use of medications, pacing activity and rest, and how to evaluate new treatments.


Come get your creative juices flowing for 2 hours while instructor Sue Brassard guides you through a painting of baby owls step by step. Relax and lose yourself in a fun and colorful environment! Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage.


Thinking about downsizing your home, moving to something smaller and easier to manage but don’t know how to start? Do you have questions about Reverse Mortgages, selling your home, or upgrading your current home? Learn what updates can help you shorten your time on the market and bring you more $$ at the closing table. This program is geared towards someone who has been in their home for many years and is unfamiliar with the sales process. Gain information on the home buying and selling process without the sales pitch. Liz Merryman has been a full time Realtor for over 20 years. She is a Senior’s Real Estate Specialist and a member of the VT Elderly Resource Group.


Join entertainment extraordinaire Corey Gottfried in learning the basics of playing the guitar. These intensive group lessons cover basic chords, strumming, and some finger picking to get you started exploring the versatility of this popular stringed instrument. Participants need their own guitar and to rehearse between sessions. Acoustic or electric guitars welcome.


Come learn the basics of popular Afro-Caribbean dances such as bachata, salsa, merengue, and kizomba. This is unique in that it will incorporate questions of social justice, dance kinesiology, and principals of exercise. The hope is that you leave with more awareness about the struggles we all face living comfortably in our bodies, technique, and some information about how to take care of your bodies! We need our bodies as healthy as possible to improve our dance. That is a process that takes place from the inside out. In that sense, this course will improve your dance in other styles you might love, too!

Adult 50+ Programs

Matter of Balance

This program is designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults who manifest this concern. During the class participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable and set realistic goals for increasing activity. They also find ways to change the environment to reduce fall risk factors and learn simple exercises to increase strength and balance.  Instructors: Robyn Skiff & Dottie Slack.


TUESDAY & THURSDAY SEPT. 15TH AND 17TH TRY SENIOR FITNESS AT NO CHARGE!! This class will give participants the opportunity to learn the principles of a healthy lifestyle.  Senior Olympic Gold Medalist Barbra Jordan will cover flexibility, strength training, cardiovascular fitness, balance, coordination, nutrition, weight management & stress reduction. Exercises can be adapted to any level of fitness.