About Our Cemeteries & Chapel

About Our Cemeteries & Chapel

About Our Cemeteries & Chapel

The Cemetery Division office is located at Lakeview Cemetery.  Although the office is not staffed each day, there are employees on the cemetery grounds from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday thru Friday.  Staff may also be on site on Saturdays if a burial is scheduled. Cemetery staff may be reached at (802) 863-2075.

The City of Burlington manages three cemeteries:  Lakeview, Greenmount, and Elmwood.

Please note: Pets are NOT permitted in the Cemeteries. We have several dog parks to enjoy and dogs are allowed in our city parks but they must be leashed at all times. Dogs are prohibited from designated beaches and picnic areas. Owners are always responsible for cleaning up after their pets!

Cemetery Commission


Rita R. Church 802-862-8051 (P) Rfc146@comcast.net
Helaine Rappaport 802-660-4817 (W) Laineyrapp@yahoo.com
Emma Swift
Allison Curran 802-999-5457 (C) acurranvt@gmail.com
Donna L. Waldron *C 802-658-0472 (H) waldrondl@icloud.com

About the Cemetery Commission

The Cemetery Commission meets three times a year at the Cemetery Office on 455 North Ave on the second Thursday of the month.

For more information on upcoming meetings and general Cemetery Commission information contact the Clerk, Annie D’Alton or (802)863-2075.

Minutes from the meetings can be found here.

Friends of Lakeview Cemetery

The Friends of Lakeview Cemetery have completed several restoration projects thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers. These projects include:

  • Restoration of the Louisa Howard Chapel. This magnificent structure is now fully restored and open to the public.
  • Replacement of the wooden gazebo that has provided sanctuary for cemetery visitors for decades. This structure had suffered significant deterioration due to its prolonged exposure to the elements but an accurate reproduction has replaced the original structure.
  • Renovation of the historic fountain built in the mid-1800’s. A replica fountain was recently installed thanks to the Friends fundraising efforts.

To learn more about the projects or to make a donation, please contact Jane Ewing, President, Friends of Lakeview Cemetery at 864-4424.


Phone: (802) 863-2075

Email: Cemetery Assistant Annie D’Alton

Lakeview Cemetery
455 North Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401