5/30 Blanchard Beach is reopened.

Water tests from the swimming area have come back showing no dangers from e-coli. However please continue to avoid the outfall channel itself, because further upstream contamination levels are still higher than the EPA standard of 235 col/100 mL (current readings show 341 col/100 mL.)  All other beaches are open and have passed water safety testing.

5/24 Blanchard Beach to remain closed until further notice.

Our regularly scheduled (Tuesday 5/22) beach sampling showed lake water bacteria counts to be well within the 235 col/100mL limit set by the EPA and VT DEC (the highest sample was 8.6 col/100 mL). However, unfortunately samples from areas upstream of the outfall to the southern end of the beach do still show elevated bacteria counts.

Out of caution, this beach will remain closed until further notice as we take measures to mitigate the remaining bacteria.

Avoid swimming, wading, boating or fishing while signs are posted.


Also please note that our official water testing procedures begin after Memorial Day and operate through Labor Day. Closures will be announced here and details of the twice-weekly reports can be found here.

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  1. Yes of course, we will remove the signs when it’s all clear. Water tests have not come back yet, so to be cautious, we are keeping it closed for the recommended 48 hours.

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