311 North Avenue Park

311 North Avenue Park

The Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront (BPRW) property currently known as 311 North Avenue is a unique park, modest in size at 12 acres, and rich in its value and offerings to the living beings of Burlington.  It is both a destination for gardening and walking and a corridor for people and wildlife to Burlington’s expansive public waterfront and several regional parks and natural areas.  311 North Avenue is one of seven Urban Wilds within the BPRW parks system. The Urban Wilds contain a suite of natural communities ranging from Dry Pine-Oak-Heath Sandplain Forest to Silver Maple Ostrich-Fern Floodplain Forests with many many types in between.

The Conservation team is currently developing a management plan for the park space. Check back for more information when it’s available.

Learn more about the space with these resources:

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20141208 Burlington Parks and Recreation Naming Policy

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Grant of Development Rights, Conservation Restrictions and Public Access Easement -2016-079-001 Burl