Other 2021 Projects in the Works

Here’s a list of other smaller projects happening in the parks system!

Starr Farm Park – Concrete Pads Installation

Construction will start up next week (5/3/21) at Starr Farm Park to create three concrete pads at the entrances to the dog park and one concrete circle near the Park’s playground that will host our next outdoor fitness station. All park amenities will remain open during this time, though Dog Park users will have to enter through the service gate on the West side of the Dog Park. We expect construction to be ongoing for 3 weeks. Please be mindful of construction vehicles moving in and around these areas throughout the duration of the project.

North Beach Campground:

Maintenance Building Demolition: The North Beach maintenance building was demolished this past February. Fresh topsoil and seed have been placed and our staff look forward to seeing this space temporarily transformed into a public green, while design is being advanced for the pull-through campsites called for in the 2017 campground master plan.

Dump Station Relocation: A new RV dump station and turnaround, relocated from the site of the former maintenance building, are set to be constructed this Spring. The construction kick-off meeting is scheduled for Friday 4/16 and staff will be pressing the contractor to complete the project before the campground opens on May 1.

Pull-through Sites and Roadway Design: We’ve hired a design consultant to begin developing construction-ready plan documents for pull-through full-hook-up campsites in the former maintenance building area and the widening of the main roadway from the campground entryway all the way down to the Greenway overpass as called for in the 2017 Campground Master Plan.  The design has moved through its first iteration, with staff providing feedback to the design team to further refine the design documents. We anticipate advancing the plans to completion by late Spring/early summer of 2021.

Leddy Park Staircase Replacement:


We expect construction to begin on replacement of the Leddy Beach Staircase next week. The existing stairs will be demolished early on in the project start up and beach goers will have to go around on either of the access paths during construction. This project is also expected to take 2-3 weeks.


The design and fabrication drawings for the replacement staircase at Leddy Park were finalized this past March. With all approvals given and stamped drawings in place, the fabricator was given the go ahead to begin welding and assembling the structural steel components of the staircase. The steel will then be shipped down to Duncan Galvanizing in Everett, MA, where they will apply a proprietary color-galvanized coating, which comes with a 25-year warranty for the surface finish against rust and corrosion. Once finished, the structure will journey back up to Burlington, where our site contractor ECI, will lower the steel structure onto its new foundation using a crane in Early/Mid May.

There will be a short period during the demolition of the existing wooden staircase and installation of the new foundation system, where this route to the beach will be closed. Pedestrians will have to use one of the other two pathways to the beach during this time.

Schifilliti Park Pathway:

The City was recently awarded federal grant funding administered by the State of Vermont’s Agency of Transportation (VTrans) to design and construct a 629-foot-long by 8-foot-wide shared-use pathway to connect the neighborhood off of upper Ethan Allen Parkway to Gosse Ct through Schifilliti Park. Staff are preparing a memorandum for approval by City Council and Board of Finance later this month to sign the grant agreement and commence work on the project. Once the grant agreement has been signed, staff will solicit proposals for construction-ready design of the new pathway. VTrans estimates that grant funded projects will take approximately 3 years to complete in order to accommodate all necessary federal-approval processes.

Schmanska Park:

Staff are working on soliciting bids from paving and site contractors to construct asphalt pathways connecting from Grove St up to the newly renovated Schmanska Barn. Staff are prioritizing these improvements along routes that will improve universal accessibility to the Barn and reduce the wash out of gravel from the park into the street. We hope to have a contractor selected in time to construct the pathways in the summer of 2021.

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